Glasgow Airport – Business forum 1st February 2011

Glasgow Airport is a major economic driver for Scotland, supporting more than 7,300 jobs across the country and contributing some £200 million annually to the national economy, more than any other Scottish airport.

In 2011, Glasgow Airport will publish a new Master Plan which will outline the future development of the airport’s terminal and airfield up to 2040. It is a plan that will transform the physical appearance of the airport and enhance the already significant economic contribution the airport makes across Glasgow and Scotland. It is also a responsible plan, including action to tackle issues such as aircraft noise, air quality and climate change.

Following publication of the Master Plan at the end of January 2011, the airport will host a series of exhibitions for stakeholders, including local businesses.

A business forum will be held for members of Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce at the Holiday Inn Express, Glasgow Airport, on 1 February 2011, from 6.30 – 8.00pm.

The event provides an opportunity to learn more about the airport’s current and future investment plans, and meet senior members of the airport team.

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