Effortless sites will clean up your act

Iain Faulds, managing director of Effortless Sites explains why you need to review your website.


Christmas may be coming, but savvy business-owners are already planning their New Year marketing campaigns.

For many, that includes reviewing the company website. Why? Well, you might find that on closer examination, it no longer reflects your business. This is particularly true of businesses which have grown substantially, changed direction, or added more products and services, to name but a few examples. At this point, a re-design or ‘refresh’ of your website can be invaluable for creating a more accurate picture of your business. Alternatively, you might like to create a completely new website.

Either way, you will ensure that your marketing campaigns are directing potential customers to a site that is fresh, clear and completely up to date. And you can do all this without breaking the budget.

At Effortless Sites, we pride ourselves on creating high quality, web-sites cost-effectively and quickly. We may be a relatively young business, but we have already designed more than 500 web-sites and received glowing testimonials for the results.

It’s not just about creating sites, though. We like to build long-lasting relationships. So, after your site has been created, we stick around, to answer any questions and help with further development. We are there for you, to make sure you look good on the internet all year round.

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