COP26 – Homestay hosts urged to sign up

Scottish households are being urged to open their doors to delegates attending COP26, helping to widen access to the summit by providing affordable accommodation.

Almost 700 households have already signed up to be part of the COP26 Homestay Network, which is operated independently of The Scottish Government by non-profit organisations.

By offering free or low-cost accommodation, hosts can help ensure those unable to cover the costs themselves, particularly those from the Global South, can attend the summit and make their voices heard.

Patrick Harvie, Zero Carbon Buildings, Active Travel and Tenants’ Rights Minister, said: “COP26 is our best and possibly last chance to work alongside people from around the globe to safeguard our planet from climate catastrophe. 

“We know that the impacts of climate change are not felt equally. In fact, those countries and people least responsible for the climate crisis are the ones most severely affected by it.

“It is vital that the voices of those most affected by the climate crisis are heard and acted upon. That’s why the Scottish Government has sponsored dialogues with colleagues from the Global South and is promoting the voices of children and young people throughout COP26. And that’s why we need people to be able to attend who might otherwise struggle.

“I’m pleased that the COP26 Homestay Network is continuing the tradition of solidarity, linking local households with attendees to provide affordable accommodation, helping ensure that those critical voices are heard.

“Accommodation at any COP climate conference is challenging and Glasgow is no exception. This scheme gives local hosts a chance to do their bit to ensure a successful summit, meeting remarkable people from around the world while supporting the global movement to tackle climate change.”

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