Advertising rates

Our advertising structure is very simple. Tell us what you wish to pay and we do the rest.  For example for a payment of £25 we will ensure that your advert gets 1,000 views (although we hope you might spend a little more than that!)

Advertising sizes are all standard
Banners are 728×90 pixels
Position 3 is 468 x 90 pixels
Above content in articles 336 x 280 pixels or 468 x 60 pixels
Above sidebar and in one of the three boxes at foot of site  300 x 250 pixels
Above archives in each section 336 x 280 pixels or 468 x 60 pixels

Your advert will not be static. It will move all over the site and you will be assured of a good return for your money.. 

Our readers are in the main based in Glasgow, so if that is your target audience then they could be your new customers.

Send us a jpeg and we can usually do the rest! 

All adverts are full colour and are ‘click through’ so your new customers will be redirected to your own website with the minimum of fuss.

All you have to do is send us a jpeg of your advert and we will make it go live very quickly. If you do not have an advert then send us what you want to say and for a small additional charge, approved before going ahead, your imagined advert can become a  reality very quickly.

We can also publish an advertorial about your business which can then be shared many times on Facebook and Twitter, where we have almost 20,000 followers.  The cost of one of these articles is a one-off charge of £150.

We are happy to use your press releases to help populate our news section alongside advertising booked with us. You can also use our Classified Ads section to enhance your optimisation with links to your website. If an appropriate category is not yet available then let us know and we will create one for you!

Contact us here for answers to any questions you may have.

We would very much appreciate your support, and no matter what size your business is we know a growing business always needs new customers!

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