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Lauren wins big at Peter Vardy

From L-R Darren Telfer, Lauren Young, Peter Vardy Ltd CEO, Peter Vardy and CarStore Managing Partner, Darren Cuthbertson

Lauren Young, 20, from Johnstone, won big last week when her decision to buy a Vauxhall Astra Sports Hatch from Peter Vardy’s CarStore in Braehead also won her £1000 of holiday gift vouchers.


As the 1000th CarStore buyer in 2014 alone, the management team at the 70,000 square feet CarStore indoors showroom, which displays over 400 cars at prices between £3,000 and £30,000, decided that Lauren’s good judgement should be rewarded to mark the occasion.


Lauren, who works in Greggs, said: “I only came here with my boyfriend, Darren Telfer, to say hello to my friend who works in the ice cream van inside the CarStore and because I had heard that there were lots of bargains to be had.


“I really enjoyed the experience at the CarStore and would recommend it to anyone”, she said.


Peter Vardy, the company’s CEO, said: “It was great fun to make Lauren’s day and though she didn’t know it, we had a pretty good idea, given the CarStore’s trading pattern, that we would make our 1,000th sale on Wednesday.


“We hope we have made a lot of people happy since we started the CarStore late last year; there are lots of attractions, not least our in-house ice cream van and our kids’ cars, as well of course, as hundreds of realistically-priced vehicles, to make it a destination attraction.”


“Now it’s on to our 10,000th CarStore car sale!”