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Scotland on show in Oklahoma

Scotland’s leading innovation in conservation and digital technology will be showcased at the World Creativity Forum in Oklahoma City on 16th and 17th November.

David Mitchell, Director of Conservation at Historic Scotland and Doug Pritchard, Head of Visualisation of Glasgow’s Design Studio have been invited to present their work in digitally documenting and visualising cultural heritage. Their work came to international attention when a joint team scanned the four presidents of the United States at Mount Rushmore this year.

This is part of the Scottish Ten project which uses cutting-edge technology to create exceptionally accurate digital models of Scotland’s five UNESCO designated World Heritage Sites and five international sites.

Scotland is a member of the Districts of Creativity, a network of 12 creative and innovative areas stretching from the USA, through Europe to India and China. The forum will bring together participants from 34 US States and 14 countries who will be focusing on a number of topics looking at creativity and innovation.

Fiona Hyslop, Minister for Culture said: “It is great to see Scotland showcase this innovative technology on a world stage.

“This cutting-edge digital technology will help preserve important historic sites for future generations and will encourage the development of new international partnerships in the areas of culture, tourism and technology.”

David Mitchell said; “The international community knows Scotland for its culture and perhaps for its technological innovation in the past – we are keen to show that Scotland remains a dynamic and innovative country that is respectful of its cultural heritage but can also use it as a springboard into the future.”

Doug Pritchard said: “Glasgow School of Art and Historic Scotland have created a wonderful partnership which brings together two public bodies and in some respects divergent skill sets to create something innovative and exciting. As a Canadian with Scots blood it is exciting for me to part of this and continue the legacy of innovation – Glasgow School of Art is known the world over and we hope for a positive reception”.