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Drop in homicide rates for Glasgow

A report released by the Scottish Government has announced a significant drop in the number of homicides in Glasgow in the past 10 years.

There has been a 28% decrease in homicide cases in Scotland as a whole, with Glasgow demonstrating the greatest improvement. There were 40 cases in 2002-03 in Glasgow, compared to just 15 cases 2011-12.

Sandra White, Justice Committee member and MSP for Glasgow Kelvin, believes these much improved rates show a “positive trend”.

She said: “One murder in Glasgow and Scotland is of course one too many, but these new figures do at least show a positive trend. But it is vital that we remember behind each of these figures are victims and grieving families.”

The report follows announcements earlier this year that proclaimed a 37-year low for crime rates more generally.

Ms White went on to say these figures will help improve Glasgow’s reputation as a dangerous city, though much work still needs to be done.

She continued: “I will continue to work tirelessly with the police and community organisations so we can make Glasgow a city with a reputation other European cities are envious of.”