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Mum’s cooking at Green Chilli

Many sons claim that their mum’s home cooking is the best, but Sanjay Majhu, CEO Apple Harlequin Group, is going one step further. This week he launches Green Chilli, a new restaurant featuring Indian pot-style cooking inspired by the working mothers and aunties of India and featuring recipes overseen by his mum.

Green Chilli’s pot-style cooking offers diners the kinds of dishes they might expect if they were invited to an Indian family’s house for dinner.

Located at 1293 Argyle Street in Glasgow’s West End – Sanjay’s mum has even banished him from Green Chilli’s kitchen while she and her sisters prepare the dishes they’ve prepared for several generations of their families at home.

Mr Majhu said: “Glasgow is renowned for the quality of its Indian restaurants – and rightly so – but Green Chilli is bringing something different to the mix: great pot-style cooking prepared by Indian mothers and aunties using family recipes that have been handed down through the generations.

“This is the kind of food my mum and aunties would cook if you came over to our house for dinner. Mums seem to give the food an extra taste which only they know how to do.

“At 73 years old, my mum still cooks great Indian food and has been involved throughout all stages of Green Chilli’s product development and I can’t wait to show that my mum’s home cooking is absolutely the best!”

Green Chilli offers a seven-course taster menu, which changes daily.

“Just sit back and let us take you on a journey from North India (Punjab) to south India Dosa country!” said Majhu.

In addition, Green Chilli’s menu includes starters of Masala Dosa; Mussels Masala; Machi Amritsari; Sabzi Pakora; Keema Parcels and Jeera Chicken.

Mains include: Mumbai Lamb; Karahi Murgh; Chicken Saag; Shoray Murgh;
Tandoori Halibut; Makhan Murgh; Lamb Bhindi; Chicken Sharabi; Punjabi Fish Goan Curry; Chana Saag; Mixed Vegetable Karahi and Masala Dosa.

Why Green Chilli?

“Green chilli is my favourite spice,” explains Mr Majhu. “It enhances every dish and is iconic in Indian food. Used whole, green chillis lend dishes an underlying aromatic flavour, whilst, cut, they spice this up a bit!”

The Apple Harlequin Group operates the largest and most popular Indian restaurant group in Europe with 14 restaurants incorporating the famous Ashoka chain. Reservations at Green Chilli can be made on tel 0141 337 6378.