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Glasgow businesswoman in the running for Entrepreneur of the Year

Susan Brownlie, the founder of Glasgow-based Intelligent Data Services, the UK’s leading data provider, has been named in the shortlist for the Entrepreneur of the Year title at The Scottish Business Awards.

Intelligent Data Services is a dynamic and expanding company which in recent years has become one of the UK’s leading data suppliers.

As a data owner, the company is able to maintain and update one of the largest B2B data files in the UK, achieved by implementing a multipronged approach cleaning its data, including using a variety of third party resources. This enables IDS to offer unrivalled accuracy guarantees

The Scottish Business Awards were created to celebrate those who are building and leading successful, growing and dynamic businesses in Scotland and aim to recognise their efforts, vision and ambition to inspire further entrepreneurial activity within Scotland’s business community.

Susan said:- ‘I am obviously delighted to have been included on such an auspicious list as highlights the strong brand credentials and reputation that we’ve developed as a pioneer in data quality and customer services.  However this nomination is also a reflection of the teamwork at Intelligent Data Services.  It is the combination of hardwork, focus, determination and a strong customer focus which has, helped us succeed and will continue to do so.’

Josh Little John, Judging Panel Spokesman, said: ‘The quality of entries this year is very strong and therefore making the shortlist is an achievement in itself.  The judges were impressed with the range of companies in Scotland making an impact on a UK scale particularly against such a hard economic backdrop.

‘’The entrepreneur of the year category particularly sums up the ethos of the event, as it embodies the people who are leading and growing dynamic business’s in this tough economic climate.’

Providing mailing, telephone and email data Intelligent Data Services is expected to achieve a £2 million turnover in 2011, priding itself on its data quality and customer focus.

The results of the Scottish Business Awards will be announced at an event in Glasgow in February, 2012.