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Get into shape for the Party season

Want the results of being trained by an expert but without the hefty price tag?  Or are you a, “I don’t have time to hit the gym” culprit?  Why not exercise like the supermodels, ‘A’ list celebs and elite athletes of this world do and get guaranteed results, by combining the services of a specialist coach with the latest in innovative fitness equipment.  If the coming party season fills you with dread:- countless canapés, crates of champagne and a sabotaged fitness regime, then training with an expert on a Power Plate Pro 6 machine is a guaranteed method to navigate a “hot bod” through to the New Year!

Claudia Schieffer says: ‘I love using Power Plate as part of my fitness regime as I can do a really intensive work out in such a short space of time. As a working mother with a hectic work schedule, using the Power Plate machine helps me stay in shape without having to spend hours in the gym.’

UK Premiership Footballer, David James said: ‘Playing regularly in the English Premiership is very demanding, and as a goalkeeper I need to be at the peak of my physical fitness. The Power Plate® machine adds a new dimension to my training.”

The state of the art Power Plate also plays a strong role in rehabilitation.  Chemmy Alcott, Great Britain’s leading ski racer, said: ‘“The Power Plate machine has been very helpful in recovery and rehabilitation, and we use it a great amount for recovery sessions and massage.”

One 25 minute acceleration training workout coached on the plate by an expert provides the same response as double the time spent in your gym and costs from just £7.60* per session at Glasgow’s Gallery in the City.  The official Power Plate® accredited studio was the first in Scotland to exclusively offer acceleration or whole body vibration training on the Pro6 model.

The studio is owned by former TV Gladiator Ali Paton who is one of only six master trainers in the UK, Ali has extensive personal experience of training on the plate as well as training fitness professionals.

She said: ‘After one session I was addicted.  I needed a quick and effective training method to get back in Gladiator shape for the Legend’s Shows and the Power Plate became my intelligent fitness solution!  I was so impressed by the results I achieved on the machine I am now a Master Trainer.’

‘Power Plate is not just for celebrities or elite athletes, it’s a very effective tool to aid weight loss, raise metabolism and build lean muscle.  Now is the perfect time to start thinking about that LBD and Christmas party season!’

The festive period can be difficult to navigate with the annual invasion from the ‘planet of the canapés!’  Ali’s advice is not to arrive at a drinks party already hungry as ‘you’ll simply overindulge on the deadly, fat laden canapés, our bodies are wired to do so.  Have a healthy, high protein snack before leaving for the party or a large glass of water to help you feel full.  If you must try the finger food, then go for the high protein options.’

For further information or to book a free trial, visit www.powergallery.co.uk

If in any doubt about undertaking whole body vibration training, please seek advice from your GP.