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Women’s Aid celebrates its 40th anniversary



Women’s Aid have been commended on their 40th anniversary for their work in giving victims the support and protection they need to help rebuild their lives.


The Charity, which provides information and support for many people who have suffered from domestic abuse, have been marking their 40th year anniversary with a series of events which will culminate in a member’s debate in the Scottish Parliament next Tuesday led by Sandra White MSP the local MSP for Glasgow Kelvin where the charity is based.


Angela Devine Manager of Glasgow Women’s Aid said: “What helps us to be successful is the innovative and creative approach and the fact that we continually look for new ways to support women and children. What underpins this work is the really strong multi agency approach and creating strong partnerships allowing us to share information effectively so that women and children have a needs lead service. This goes a long way to make people and various agencies aware of the work we do


“We are always looking for new ways to support women and children on their journey with us through support planning and consultation. Working in schools to promote prevention, and being proactive in our approach to sending the message out that violence is not part of a healthy relationship. Outreach is the area we are keen to develop for women and look to provide refuge accommodation in the south of the city. Of course we couldn’t achieve achieve any of this without inspirational staff to drive us forward.”


Commenting, Ms White said: -“Over the last 40 years woman’s aid have helped countless woman, children and young people escape or recover from domestic abuse and if it hadn’t been for their invaluable work many of these people would have gone on to experience continued abuse or would not have been given the support they needed to come to terms with their experiences and move on with their lives.


“Sadly, the conviction rates for domestic abuse needs to be improved and there is still much work to be done to ensure that people feel able to report abuse when it happens and do everything we can to protect the victims and prosecute those perpetrating these crimes when these cases come to court.”