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Thrive Networking comes to Glasgow with the Breakfast Club

Event: Thrive Food & Drink Breakfast Club Launch
Date: Friday, 25th March 2011
Time: 8am – 10am or later if you wish to linger
Venue: The Corinthian Club, 191 Ingram Street, Glasgow
VIP Speakers:
Paul McLaughlin, Chief Executive, Scotland Food and Drink
Mark Thomson, Strategic Insight Director, Kantarworld Panel

Thrive for Business, Scotland’s leading network for small and medium size firms, is launching a specialist breakfast club. This will be a dedicated business network, catering specifically for the needs and aspirations of every company and service provider connected with the ever growing food and drink market in Scotland.

Thrive meetings are designed to be inspirational, productive and fun, as they encourage members to build relationships in an atmosphere of co-operation and trust tapping into the rich seam of each other’s contacts and client base.   

Thrive is delighted to have formed a soft partnership with Scotland Food & Drink, creating a club that is complementary rather than competitive and pleased to be collaborating for a win-win in this recession.

Scotland Food and Drink is the leadership organisation for the food and drink industry in Scotland. Set up by the industry for the industry, they aim to grow the value of food and drink to £12.5 billion by 2017 and to make it more profitable and deliver greater global success in a fiercely competitive market.

Alongside Scotland Food and Drink at this event will be Kantarworld Panel who are the world’s leading provider in continuous, syndicated consumer panels and research solutions into shoppers’ purchasing and usage behaviour. They help with strategy, tactics, deep understanding and insights with advanced analytics. Then they drill down even further with specialist, tailored solutions.

It was said at the National Farmers’ Union Scotland AGM that “Scotland is punching well above its weight in European agricultural development and should now be given a place at the table in critical EU negotiations” which proves how large the food and drink market of Scotland is. This is a market that Thrive will now be exploring, developing and increasing business growth by the minute.

At the launch McLaughlin will give an overview of his organisation and what tangible support they are delivering for the industry this year. Thomson will be offering insight into buyers’ behaviour and current trends in the market.

With such impactful subjects with focused effort all in one place, those who are interested in the growth of Scotland’s food and drink sector cannot ask for much more. Will you be there?

Thrive host regular events like this every month designed to grow your business and support your endeavours. To make sure you are at the next one visit Thrive’s website to book your place.