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Number 10 Hotel, Southside’s hidden gem


The Wright Brothers, John (left) and Gordon (right) pictured with bar manager Shaun (centre)

From Functions and Funerals to Flourish and Fame


How Number 10 Hotel became the new hidden gem of the South Side.

As a Glaswegian West Ender who now lives in Edinburgh, I will hold my hands up to say that I rarely venture over to Glasgow’s South Side, especially when going for a meal. I was therefore intrigued when a friend recommended a visit to a small function-hotel turned local produce restaurant in Queen’s Drive.IMG_4536 Number 10 Hotel, normally famed for its large function areas alone has transformed its once gastropub menu into a pinnacle for local flavour. Using fresh, seasonal ingredients and making everything in-house, the wonders coming out of the restaurant’s kitchen are setting tongues wagging in Glasgow’s South Side. The creative forces behind this shift are the hotel’s chefs, brothers John and Gordon Wright. At 29 and 27 respectively it’s hard to believe that these brothers could boast 20 years’ experience between them. Yet with both retaining impressive CVs built working in 5 star restaurants throughout the city, the brothers have brought their penchant for all things local to Number 10’s extensive menu. “I think that we have both taken the best parts from the restaurants we worked in and applied them to our own menu,” John explained. “We came here wanting the opportunity to provide something fresh and local and we don’t think that anyone else is providing the same service over on this side of the city.” Gordon injected. The Reporter cannot fault them on their dedication to fresh flavours, rising early to bake everything from the bread to the biscuits – Gordon jokes that the only thing they cannot make themselves is the eggs and the flour. So what took these brothers away from their five star kitchens and into Number 10 Hotel? “I once worked in a kitchen where their supplier for cooked chicken was sent over from Thailand” John explains. “I wanted the opportunity to provide people with quality food in the way I know how to cook it and here at Number 10 Hotel we have been fortunate enough to have creative control” bar “We’re lucky as the owner trusts us completely.” Gordon agrees, “And we believe we’re proving that people are interested in good local food, since we’re getting busier and busier.” Tucked up away opposite the greenery of Queen’s Park, Number 10 Hotel could be a country club a million miles away from the bustling city centre. However, this quiet exterior proves to have its drawbacks. “We can be easy to miss” John admits, “though we’re seeing that when people discover us they come back again and again.” “We tend to be fully booked at the weekend.” Gordon emphasises. “But we still feel like more people would be interested in what we’re trying to do if only they knew about it.” With the commitment and obvious pride in the service they are providing, I have no doubt that these brother’s will go from strength to strength. Number 10 Hotel is worth a visit, even just to sample their Hot Chocolate Fondant, a treat that dare I say it is worth the extra hour in the gym working it off.



30,000 people attend last weekend’s Southside Festival

Around 30,000 people enjoyed the weather and entertainment at last weekend’s Southside Festival held in the Queen’s Park Recreation Grounds.

The weekend’s festivities kicked off with a procession at 11am, led out by the St Francis Pipe Band.  The parade, which included members of the local community and a series of vintage buses, started from Newlandsfield Road, then proceeded down Kilmarnock and Pollokshaws Road, Allison Street, Victoria Road and Queen’s Drive before ending at the Queen’s Park Recreation Grounds where a series of bands entertained crowds into the evening.  A Picnic in the Park was held in the Recreation Grounds on Sunday 27 May.

Andrew Montgomery, a member of the Southside Festival steering group, was thrilled with the turnout.  He said:-  “At the recreation grounds on Saturday we attracted 25,000 people, which is the largest festival we’ve had by a long shot.  Our previous best was 15,000 back in 2010.   This year, the police estimate was in excess of 25,000 on Saturday and on Sunday was in the region of 4 – 5000.”

“So in the course of the weekend we’ve attracted 30,000 people and the fantastic thing was every part of the community was represented.  There was a great spectrum of people, no doubt buoyed on by the fantastic weather that we had.  It was absolutely glorious.”

Montgomery highlighted the work of those involved.  He said the weekend was: “incredibly successful and to think that it was produced entirely by 10 volunteers with a budget of £30,000; incredible, absolutely incredible.”

A free bus service made up of vintage buses that were part of the procession ran on the Saturday from George Square to the Queen’s Park Recreation Grounds as well as serving the Southside with the free Southside Circular which ran between Pollokshaws, Pollokshields, Shawlands and the Recreation Grounds.

Members of the steering group will meet with the Council’s Licensing Authority in the next couple of weeks for a formal debriefing before they consider planning for next year’s festival.