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Adventurous Artist Exhibition in Glasgow

Intrepid artist Phillip Gray is holding an exhibition later the month to raise funds the The Hope Foundation in conjunction with Breeze Art Galleries.

Phillip Gray, whose artwork is coveted by many celebrities, including Dolly Parton and George Bush, will display many of his works in the two-hour exhibition, including a brand new exclusive painting of the Scottish Highlands landscape as requested by Breeze Art Gallery. This piece will encapsulate the country’s wild nature and will be for sale during the exhibition.

Phillip Gray, a self-proclaimed extreme artist, creates landscape pieces which will be on display at the exhibition. His inspiration comes from the most extreme and harshest climates known to man, including 20,000ft up Mt Everest or the North Atlantic seabed. When asked about his art, he claims it is a form of expression designed to push his thoughts to extremes.

He says: “My extreme journeys into the unknown bring new challenges that push the boundaries of my mind body and soul. Voyages of discovery, sometimes dangerous, are a stimulus to drive me forward creatively and explore new worlds of emotional expression.”

Phillip Gray will also be giving a live demonstration of how he works to guests of the event. He builds on a feeling of his surroundings to create his amazing pieces. One of his most recent pieces include a landscape of the volcanic eruption in Iceland back in 2010. This stunted travel plans for many Europeans, but Phillip only saw the excitement and potential in thsi situation.

Philip added: “The contrast between fire and ice inspired me to paint with a wider palette and freed my imagination to create paintings that are both science, yet somewhat surreal too.”

Breeze Galleries are very excited to work with Phillip in order to raise funds for such a great cause. Proceeds will go towards The Hope Foundation, a charity close to the artists heart supporting children in India and the Philippines. The Hope Foundation, based in Kolkata, provides education, healthcare and general support for children without parents.

Bob Corsie, founder of Breeze Galleries, said: “We are very excited to be welcoming Philip Gray back to Glasgow, especially as he will once again be providing us with a live demonstration. Philip’s work is stunning and visitors to the exhibition will no doubt be captivated by the massive, colour filled canvases, which seem to pull those looking at them right into the heart of the landscape he is depicting.”

The exhibition will be on November 18th, between 2-4pm in the Breeze Art Gallery in Frasers, Glasgow. For an invitation to the event call Breeze Galleries on 0800 1300 345 or go to the Breeze Gallery website here.

More information on The Hope Foundation and what the charity does to help orphaned children can be found on their website here.